Studera Starcraft på universitet

Nu kan du plugga Starcraft! Jag skojjar inte, det är helt sant. University of Florida erbjuder sina studenter kursen 21st Century Skills in Starcraft. Jag har redan spenderat sex år på eftergymnasiala studier, men nu börjar det klia i mina fingrar. Ur kursbeskrivningen:

21st Century Skills in Starcraft is an 8 week entirely online course that uses the popular real time strategy (RTS) game Starcraft to teach valuable 21st Century Skills through a hands-on approach. With society becoming increasingly technology-based and fast-paced, it is important for professionals to be highly proficient in skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, resource management, and adaptive decision making. These skills are fundamental in Starcraft and therefore make the game a highly effective environment for students to analyze and take action in complex situations.

This course includes required weekly game play, viewing and analysis of recorded matches, written assignments which emphasize analysis and synthesis of real/game-world concepts, and collaboration with other students.

Whatevs! Du får spela Starcraft och får betyg för det. Helg legit. LOOOL!



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