Livet på den internationella rymdstationen ISS

Hawaii seen from the International Space Station

Guardian har publicerat en innehållsrik artikel om livet på rymdstationen, komplett med ingående beskrivningar, kuriosa och kommentarer från besättningen. Om du är som jag så kommer du läsa den nuuuu!

Du får bland annat läsa om austronauternas mat, sovvanor, och hur de navigerar i  tre tyndglösa dimensioner.

It all tastes like cardboard,” says Sellers. ”We get through gallons of Tabasco sauce.” If you want to know how hard it is to swallow in space, try eating while lying on one side, he suggests.

Each of the crew has a closet-like cabin where they can hook a sleeping bag to the wall and settle down for the night. Some strap pillows to their heads to make it feel more like lying down. The lights don’t go out completely, though. People dozing in orbit see streaks and bursts of bright colour caused by high-energy cosmic rays painlessly slamming into their retinas.

Commander Alan Poindexter in the cupola, 2010

There is a subtle art to moving around without crashing into anything – or, more annoyingly, others – knocking computers, equipment and other objects off the walls to which they are attached with Velcro pads. In time, people hone the skill and can fly down the length of the station, straight as an arrow, without touching anything, except with their fingertips. People sit in mid air, tapping away at a computer, with only a toe hooked under a wall strap to anchor themselves. Then, with a flick of the hand, they’ll float up to another computer and carry on typing there.



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